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Queen's second telegram for Ada
Mrs Lewis' family at last year's birthday party
Ada Lewis remains active at the age of 105
Not many people get a telegram from the Queen - but Ada Lewis has just picked up her second.

Mrs Lewis was sent her first royal congratulations in 1998 on her 100th birthday.

Now the second has arrived for her 105th birthday.

Queen Victoria was on the throne when Mrs Lewis was born, and aeroplanes had still not flown.

A party was thrown on Friday to celebrate the achievement of someone who has witnessed huge changes during three centuries.

Her 70-year-old son John, said: "My mother has seen so many things in her lifetime," he said.

"When she was a girl there was hardly any cars around and she had never seen an aeroplane - because they hadn't been invented then.

"Queen Victoria was in charge of the country and it was a totally different way of life to today," he said.

Ada and David on their wedding day in 1922
Mrs Lewis married her sweetheart David in 1922

Mrs Lewis started her working life as a maid. She met her husband David, at the house where they both worked, where he was a groom.

"She worked hard all her life and although she loves the monarchy, she didn't have much time for the Queen Mother," said Mr Lewis.

"She used to say that the Queen Mother never worked in all her life and she had spent years scrubbing floors," he laughed.

Mrs Lewis and her husband had three children, a daughter who died in infancy, and two sons.

She was widowed in 1980, and has lived in Saxonbury Nursing Home in Abergavenny for the last five years.

Long life

"She is looking forward to the tea party we are putting on for her and she will have a glass of sherry or two, I'm sure," said Mr Lewis.

"Her parents both lived until well into their eighties, so there seems to be a history of long life in our family.

"Its my ambition to get up to her age as well - but I've got another 35 years to go," laughed Mr Lewis.

Jane Ellaway, matron of Saxonbury nursing home said Mrs Lewis was still active.

"She is the oldest person here and the oldest person who has ever been here," she said.

"She still gets about on her own, although she is starting to slow down a bit.

"She has really been looking forward to her birthday and says that it is a good age to reach.

"The hairdresser has been to pamper her today and we are going to throw her a little tea party as well."

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