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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 July, 2003, 14:28 GMT 15:28 UK
Ambassador role for anti-bully girl
Gemma Lang and Wayne David MP
Gemma received a Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Award
A teenager who set up an anti-bullying campaign after being bullied herself is to become an ambassador for the charity ChildLine Cymru.

Gemma Lang, 18, from Caerphilly, started the campaign in her school, including setting up a website which has received hits from all around the world.

She was invited to go to the ChildLine headquarters where she met the founder Esther Rantzen who asked her to become an ambassador for the charity in Wales.

The school leaver is waiting for her A-level results and hopes to study law at university in south Wales.

Gemma had first-hand experience of bullying while in junior and secondary school.

When she went into the sixth form at St Martins School in Caerphilly, she set up an anti bullying scheme with the help of the NSPCC.

ChildLine posters
ChildLine provides help to children suffering bullying
"I was bullied myself and although the school did their best, it really wasn't enough," she said.

"So when I got into the sixth form, I set up a counselling service for the younger pupils to talk to older pupils about problems they were having with bullying.

"I set also set up a room where people who were being bullied could come and sit during their break times, but I soon realised there was quite a bit of stigma about using the room.

"So instead I set up a series of boxes around the school where pupils could put letters in explaining what was going on.

"Some of the things were really quite disturbing and it is hard to imagine what people go through," she said.

Gemma's website, Full Stop 2 Bullying, features writing from people who have been bullied, offers advice to victims and parents and invites contributions from visitors.


Gemma has chosen to go to university near her home because she want to continue her work in the school and broaden the counselling scheme to other schools in Caerphilly.

She is planning on being trained by the NSPCC to teach people how to become counsellors in anti-bullying.

During her years at school, Gemma was verbally and physically abused.

"The verbal bullying, I could handle, but it was the violence that was hard," she said.

Once, during the first of three assaults which took place outside of school hours, Gemma had her nose broken.

"I was pushed out in front of a car once.

"I am very pleased to have been asked to be ambassador for ChildLine in Wales," she added.

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