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Gwynedd footballer shown three red cards in same match

Ricky Broadley
Mr Broadley said the incident has been blown out of proportion

A footballer who was shown three red cards in the same game says he hopes disciplinary officials will hear his side of the story.

Ricky Broadley, 29, was first sent off for an alleged stamp on a player in the Caernarfon district league match.

His club Mountain Rangers apologised after the striker was then shown a red card for throwing water at the referee and again for verbally abusing him.

He admitted losing his temper but said he had been trying to break up a fight.

After the game, Mr Broadley was also reported for "after match misconduct" for allegedly further abusing the referee in the clubhouse.

Mr Broadley said the whole thing had been blown out of proportion, but his club have said he will not play for them again.

Rangers, based in Rhosgadfan, Gwynedd, were playing Penrhyndeudraeth at home in a Safeflue Caernarfon and district league cup tie on Saturday when trouble started.

Referee John Owen said it happened in the second half when there was a bit of a scuffle between two players.

As a club we feel we acted appropriately, and we would like to say that we are very sorry to anyone who saw what happened
Will Jones, football club secretary

He said the Rangers player then stamped on another player who was on the floor.

The incident eventually resulted in four players, two from each side, being sent off for fighting, and the incident referred to the North Wales Coast Football Association.

Mr Broadley was one of the players sent off, and he received a red card for the stamping incident.

Then he received a further red card for "technical assault" when he threw water at Mr Owen, and another for shouting abuse at the official.

After the match he again allegedly abused the referee in the club house and was reported for "after match misconduct".

"Every referee has to do this kind of thing," said Mr Owen.


"But it doesn't happen often thankfully - but it is why there's a shortage of referees in north Wales.

"Who wants to go to a game to be abused," he added.

Will Jones, the secretary of Mountain Rangers, said the club had done everything it could.

"The club is very embarrassed by this, and there is a (disciplinary) hearing the week after next," said Mr Jones.

"As a club we feel we acted appropriately, and we would like to say that we are very sorry to anyone who saw what happened," he added.


Mr Jones said that whatever the outcome of the disciplinary hearing before the North Wales Coast Football Association (NWCFA) Mr Broadley would not be playing for Mountain Rangers again.

"We will not be offering him another contract," he said.

"One man has spoilt everything, it was a good game before that," Mr Jones added.

Mr Broadley's disciplinary record before the match was one sending off and three yellow cards in 10 appearances.

He said the whole thing began when he ran in to separate two other players who were fighting.

"Someone then punched me and put me in a headlock," he said.

He added that when he looked up there was a "mass brawl" going on.

He said he had walked away because he did not think he had done anything wrong, but acknowledged that he had lost his temper, and thrown water and abuse at the referee, when he was given a red card.

The after match incident was a jokey comment which had been taken in the wrong way, he added.

Mr Broadley said he hoped the disciplinary hearing would listen to his side of the story.

"I've been playing football for 23 years, but with this now it's coming to an end.

"It's shocking really, it's been blown out of proportion," he added.

Keith Owen from NWCFA confirmed the misconduct report had been received and will be dealt with at a hearing in Llandudno a week on Monday.

Rangers lost the match 3-0 to Penrhyndeudraeth.

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