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Seeing red over pink resort hotel


There is a strict code about how properties are altered

A seaside hotel owner has been told she has to repaint the exterior of the building after complaints about its shade of pink.

Ann Blanchard who owns the Oasis hotel in Llandudno, Conwy with her husband David, recently re-decorated parts of the hotel a "vibrant, deep pink".

Even though the Victorian building is owned by the hoteliers, the Mostyn Estates hold the freehold of the land.

A spokesperson said there was a strict code about how properties were altered.

Mrs Blanchard said they had the pillars and decorative areas around the windows painted last weekend.

Originally it was white and a lighter colour pink but she decided she wanted to brighten up the front and do something to stand out.

We've got to encourage younger folk to come to Llandudno
Ann Blanchard, with husband David

"I wanted to brighten it up and I picked a deep, vibrant pink," she said. "I will feel defeated and disappointed if we have to paint it again.

"People have been so positive and visitors have been patting us on the back," Mrs Blanchard added. "I've even be asking people along the prom what they think of it.

"I would understand the reaction if we would have painted it all pink, but it's only the pillars and the areas around the windows.

"We've got to encourage younger folk to come to Llandudno - even if it means brightening up the front and properties," she said.

The hotel was visited by an officer from Conwy Council planning department on Wednesday who raised the issue of the new colour.

Mrs Blanchard approached the Mostyn Estates who informed her they had received a complaints about the colour.

She said she realised hotel owners had to ask the estate's permission if they wanted to paint buildings.

However because, she said many did so without getting permission first - she did not foresee a problem with the Oasis.

Her husband has owned an hotel in Llandudno for over 20 years and they both bought the four-storey two years ago.

The Oasis hotel before it was decorated
Before it was decorated - the hotel's lighter shade of pink

She said she took pride in her work and the hotel had been a runner up in the Llandudno in Bloom competition.

" I feel so deflated, working so hard but being knocked back," Mrs Blanchard added.

The freeholds of many of the hotels on the seafront are owned by Mostyn Estates.

Peter Caldwell from Mostyn Estates said long-standing, strict conditions for local buildings included alterations and the colours they could be painted.

It was to ensure the preservation of the historic seafront of Llandudno.

Mr Caldwell said: "It looks out of order. This is a conservation area and a listed building." He added Conwy Council would probably take action against the hotel owner but stressed they were acting "for the benefit of the promenade.

"People come to Llandudno because it's so well preserved. If that changes, folks won't come, and the hotels will be the first thing to suffer."

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