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Artist's love letters put on show
Whistler nude
This nude is thought to be that of Whistler's lost love
Love letters written by artist Rex Whistler have gone on show at Plas Newydd on Anglesey.

The letters were written to his unrequited love, Lady Caroline Paget, the eldest daughter of the sixth Marquess of Anglesey.

They are part of a celebration of his work at the stately home, including his masterpiece, an 18m (50ft) mural.

Whistler was killed, aged 39, on his first day of action with the Welsh Guards in World War II in 1944.

The mural, painted between 1936 and 1937, includes coded references to his love for Lady Caroline, who later married someone else.

It was not a tale of happy ever after
David Ellender, Plas Newydd

Said David Ellender, house manager at Plas Newydd: " Whistler's fascinating correspondence with Lady Caroline carves out a remarkable love story and reflects the depth of his passion for her and his connections with the Plas.

"Sadly, it would appear from the letters that any 'romance' between them was driven harder by Rex than Lady Caroline.

"Unfortunately, visitors to Plas Newydd will learn that it was not a tale of 'happy ever after'.

One of the last letters was from late 1943 from Codford in Wiltshire where Whistler was stationed with the Welsh Guards.

In it he tells Lady Caroline that he has five days leave coming up and it hoping to see her before he has to go to training at Linney Head in south Wales.

"Please could I see you and perhaps walts with you once or twice... we can have lovely waltzes and walks under the stars in that heavenly garden," he adds.

He was killed a few months later in Normandy.

Five years later, Lady Caroline married the owner of the Faenol estate. She died, aged 59, in 1973.

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