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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 October 2007, 12:46 GMT 13:46 UK
Asda meeting sought by residents
Asda Pwllheli
Lights are left on at night due to health and safety rules says Asda
Residents living close to a superstore at Pwllheli in Gwynedd claim their quality of life is being affected.

They say they have been bothered by alarms sounding, light pollution, and claimed discarded food attracted rats.

Residents now want to meet Asda store bosses to discuss the situation.

An Asda spokesman apologised for any inconvenience but said the alarm system had been modified, one complaint about light had been received, and they were not responsible for rat numbers.

Gareth Hughes, who lives near the site, said: "The alarms keep going off at night and when you ring Asda they don't want to know and the police can't help."

Basically we are fed-up that they are showing no consideration to us as residents
Llinos Roberts, resident

"There is also a smell from bins where they dump old food, and there are more rats."

Llinos Roberts, said she was unhappy the store had been allowed to open nearly 12 months ago in a residential area.

"The site is completely surrounded by homes, there are no shops in this part of the town.

"We have to put up with smell, noise, constant light. The alarm has gone off during the last three nights and it keeps waking up my son."

Ms Roberts added; " They (Asda) say there is no-one working there after 10pm, but there is a shelter for workers who smoke under my bedroom window and I hear them joking and laughing when they have their break.

"Also they are not allowed to have deliveries before seven in the morning, but I've complained about lorries arriving here before then.

Not responsible

"Basically we are fed-up that they are showing no consideration to us as residents."

In a statement a spokesman for Asda said the alarm system had been modified by the manufacturers, at the request of the store manager, and that the problem should now be sorted.

The company apologised for any inconvenience.

The spokesman added that only one complaint had been received about constant lighting at the store, and that one lamp had been moved.

He added that Asda were not responsible for the number of rats in the area, and the store was kept clean and met health and safety standards.

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