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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 May 2007, 16:02 GMT 17:02 UK
Police called after parking row
Paula Maguire
Paula Maguire said workmen took this picture as evidence
A council has contacted the police after receiving "offensive" comments from members of the public over a row about a parking ticket in Llandudno.

Heavily pregnant Paula Maguire, 27, was fined 30 for parking one inch (2.5cm) outside a bay at Llandudno and her case received widespread media coverage.

In the wake of the case, Conwy Council said it received a series of comments.

The council said the situation had been misunderstood as pictures taken did not show how the car was really parked.

'Possible action'

Council chief executive Derek Barker said: "We have received a number of emails and telephone calls regarding this case and clearly people have made comments without knowing the full facts.

"Some of the communications has been highly offensive and in one case, racist comments have been made."

All information had been passed to North Wales Police "for possible action" he added.

Mr Barker stressed that the ticket was issued because the car's front wheel was "wholly" outside the parking bay, not because one rear wheel was encroaching the line "as was reported".

He added: "When parking attendants consider whether to issue a penalty charge notice a number of factors are considered.

"These include whether the manner in which the vehicle is parked creates problems for other road users, such as causing obstructions or reducing visibility for pedestrians and oncoming vehicles," Mr Barker added.

Parking enforcement must be carried out in a "fair and consistent way" and the work of the parking attendants was "fully supported", he said.

Ms Maguire, who is due to give birth to twins any day, said she had now paid the fine and wanted to "forget about it".

North Wales Police confirmed the matter had been reported to them and they were investigating.

Pregnant woman told to pay fine
20 May 07 |  North West Wales

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