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Last Updated: Friday, 4 May 2007, 12:40 GMT 13:40 UK
Pavement chalk fines overturned
Hazel Mercer
Hazel Mercer (pictured) and her friend Charli Lyth were fined 80
Police have revoked fixed penalty tickets given to two teenage girls for chalking on a street in Gwynedd.

Hazel Mercer and friend Charli Lyth were each fined 80 when a police officer saw them drawing hearts and rainbows on the pavement in Bangor.

Local mayor Douglas Madge intervened after protests claimed the girls, both 16, had been following a tradition.

Inspector Garry Jones said he had discussed the issue with the mayor and had decided to revoke the tickets.

However Insp Jones said both he and the mayor agreed that chalking on streets or graffiti in future would not be tolerated.

The teenager said they were using "pavement chalks" to draw the pictures on a quiet residential street.

Their families claimed the pair were told they would be threatened with Asbos if their graffiti continued.

The father of one of the teenagers had threatened to challenge the fine.

North Wales Police said there had been a previous problem with graffiti in the area.

A spokesperson said there had been a problem near Bangor's university where a heavy-duty type of chalk had been used, requiring the use of special equipment to remove it.

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