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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 April 2007, 05:55 GMT 06:55 UK
Breeding ospreys lay three eggs
Osprey webcam
Webcam footage of last year's chicks was a hit with visitors
A pair of ospreys which returned to breed in Gwynedd for the fifth year running, has laid three eggs.

The birds, which breed at the Aberglaslyn site near Porthmadog, are thought to be Wales' only nesting pair.

Staff at the site are hoping a fourth egg may be produced, and chicks should hatch in around five weeks time.

RSPB osprey project officer Emyr Evans, described the news as "fantastic". Visitors at the site can watch the ospreys' every move via video camera.

Mr Evans said the female looked after the eggs for most of the time, but the male takes over while she is feeding.

He added: "We're roughly on the same time-scale as last year although the male arrived two days earlier this time, and the eggs started to be laid around two days earlier.

"She mostly sits on the eggs for around 90% of the time, but he will sit on them whilst she goes to a nearby tree to feed on the fish he hunts for her."

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