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'Forthright fearless' writer dies
Ivor Wynne Jones (Picture: Daily Post)
Friends say Ivor Wynne Jones was "usually right"
Journalist Ivor Wynne Jones, well known for his "forthright and fearless" newspaper column, has died.

Mr Jones had worked for the Daily Post for 52 years, and was its former chief Welsh Affairs Correspondent.

But he will be best remembered as a columnist, where fellow journalists say he wrote without "fear or favour".

Mr Jones, 80, from Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno, was the author of several books, and a founder member of the Lewis Carroll Society.

Daily Post editor, Rob Irvine, said: "Ivor Wynne Jones wrote without fear or favour.

"No exalted position in politics or society rendered its holder safe unless Ivor felt they were genuinely up to the tasks they had been entrusted with."

Mr Jones had a "rock-solid" foundation to his work, said Mr Irvine, with a "seemingly bottomless depth of knowledge of affairs, local, national and international".

Mr Jones wrote a number of books including the history of the Welsh pound note, The Cairo Eisteddfod and Shipwrecks of North Wales.


His most recent work, Hitler's Celtic Echo, named Welsh people seen by MI5 as potential threats in the event of a German invasion.

A director of Llechwedd Slate Caverns, he wrote about the history of the industry and the tourist attraction it became.

He was also a founder member of the Lewis Carroll Society in 1969, becoming an authority on Llandudno's links to the author.

Despite his reputation as a hard-hitting journalist, on a personal level Mr Jones was described as "a very agreeable and humorous companion" by fellow journalist Derek Bellis, who had known him for 50 years.

Mr Bellis said: "His columns were forthright and stimulating, but he was usually right in what he said."

Mr Jones leaves his wife, Jeanette, son Mervyn and daughter Sian and two grandchildren.

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