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Windmill's roundhouse attraction
Round houses (Picture; Anglesey County Council)
Iron Age life can be compared to that of a windy miller's
Life in the Iron Age can be studied in two new roundhouses built next to a council-run windmill on Anglesey.

The 18th Century Melin Llynnon is billed as Wales' only working windmill and owners Anglesey Council hope the houses will attract more visitors.

Sourcing craftsmen to build the roundhouses was not easy, said museums officer Alun Griffith.

Trees have been planted on site to provide materials to refurbish the buildings in years to come.

"Putting the work out to tender was quite difficult because not a lot of builders had experience of constructing a roundhouse, but in the end we decided on a company from Deganwy called Ancient Arts which specialise in experimental archaeology," said Mr Griffith.

"The roundhouses will provide an extra something to the site, which has been refurbished over the winter."


There would not have been roundhouses on the site originally but they are built to reflect the type of building which would have been around in the Iron Age.

Mr Griffith said: "We want to show how man used to farm in the Iron Age and then show how agriculture developed through the ages."

Round houses (Picture; Anglesey County Council)
Finding someone to build the round houses was "difficult"

The houses were built using a Forestry Commission Wales Cydcoed grant, with the aim of using completely natural materials.

Earlier this year the council decided to change the way it charges people to enter the Melin Llynnon site because the four-acre site features a number of attractions.

Previously visitors paid 3 to see the mill workings but council chiefs decided to charge people 2 at the gate instead.

Around 15,000 people visit the site annually but only 1,500 paid to see the mill workings.

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