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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 February 2007, 12:34 GMT
Troubled cinema's happier sequel
Coliseum cinema Porthmadog
Individuals and businesses came forward to save the Coliseum
A small independent cinema which battled back from the brink of closure in set for a mini-facelift following a public appeal.

The Coliseum cinema in Porthmadog needed 10,000 to keep open for a year.

But following the appeal 14,000 was raised to fix the heating boiler and spruce up the building.

The closure of Bangor's Plaza Cinema has also meant that 200 "nearly new" seats have been purchased to replace the upstairs seating.

"When we launched the appeal last September the aim was to raise enough money to keep the cinema open for this year at least, and this we have succeeded in doing" said the cinema's volunteer director Emyr Williams.

Some people said we were wasting time throwing good money after bad, but we've proved them wrong
Emyr Williams, volunteer director

"Then, all of a sudden, we tracked down 200 nearly new seats that had been removed from the now demolished Plaza Cinema in Bangor and placed in storage in Manchester.

"With sufficient money in the bank, this was an opportunity not to be missed, as the cinema's seating has left a lot to be desired in recent years.

"To look at they are just like new and no doubt our patrons will be really pleased with them."

Mr Williams said he hoped that the refurbishments would attract more people to the cinema.

"The message is clear, more bums on seats will save the Coliseum for the future," he said.

Local businesses and individuals had contributed to the rescue fund and were still coming forward with offers to help.

This meant that the car park would soon be resurfaced, the interior painted and new carpet laid.

Mr Williams added: "We are clearly on a firm footing for the future, thanks to local support.

"It is a near miracle that our appeal succeeded as some people said we were wasting time throwing good money after bad, but we've proved them wrong."

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