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Last Updated: Saturday, 16 December 2006, 08:17 GMT
Mounted police plan moves forward
police horses
Horses and officers from Merseyside were bought in to patrol Colwyn Bay
North Wales Police have taken a step towards introducing a mounted section after police authority members backed the move "in principle".

However, the authority wants chief constable Richard Brunstrom to present a detailed business plan first.

Authority members said they wanted to be sure the four police horse unit can be funded without it having an adverse affect on neighbourhood policing.

At present mounted officers are bought in from Merseyside Police as needed.

Thirteen authority members voted in favour - with two abstentions - at an authority meeting in Colwyn Bay.

Several members had voiced concerns about whether it was an appropriate time to introduce a mounted section when 120 civilian jobs were being axed because the force faced a cash crisis.

However, Mr Brunstrom said a mounted section of four horses was an idea whose time had come.

It was possible that a very good deal could be reached with the National Trust to stable the horses at Erddig, near Wrexham, he said, and to share the facility with Cheshire Police.

There was also the possibility of sponsorship.

Mr Brunstrom said that police horses were highly effective and had a huge and manpower-saving impact and that now was the right time to introduce them.

Officers and horses hired from Merseyside are being used in north Wales over the Christmas period.

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