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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 October 2006, 15:42 GMT 16:42 UK
No action over police chief blog
Richard Brunstrom
Richard Brunstrom writes a weblog every week
North Wales Police Authority will not take formal action against chief constable Richard Brunstrom over his online blog following complaints.

But members said they were concerned and will speak to him about his choice of words and the cost of translation.

In one diary, the controversial police chief wrote of plans for a needle machine for drug users.

He described those who opposed the scheme as "nimbys," which stands for "not in my back yard".

Committee chairman John Anderson said: "The letter in relation to the chief constable's blog was given careful consideration by the committee.

"It was resolved that it would not be appropriate to take any further action as the matter would not give rise to any criminal or disciplinary proceedings."

"In general, the members felt strongly that the force's blogs were an excellent initiative which gave the public a valuable insight and a means of disseminating information.


But, he added: "Members asked the chair of the committee to discuss with the chief constable his choice of words in his blogs.

"They also asked the chair of the authority to discuss with the chief constable the issues and implications arising from the use of blog sites by the force."

The decision not to take any action has angered members of the Old Colwyn Residents' Association.

Councillor Brian Cossey said: "As a member of the residents association I'm very disappointed.

Clive Wolfendale
No action either: Clive Wolfendale

"It wasn't very nice to be called nimbys, it's very derogatory, especially as we were simply expressing our concerns in a perfectly correct manner.

"The police authority should have at least asked him to apologise to us. It shouldn't be up to us to ask for an apology."

Mr Cossey said he did not think Mr Brunstrom should be writing personal blogs, adding: "I would have thought his job was hectic enough without finding time to do this."

Mr Brunstrom's deputy, Clive Wolfendale, was also criticised when he used his blog to suggest motorcyclists be banned from National Parks for being too noisy.

The authority also decided no formal action should be taken against him.

But Mr Anderson said: "Members suggested that the force should contact the British Motorcyclists Federation to underline the work being done by the force in terms of education of motorcyclists and enforcement of offence."

North Wales Police declined to comment on the authority's decision.

"I believe that it's my job, in part, to be controversial"

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