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Island calls for Sir Kyffin home
Sir Kyffin Williams
The north Wales landscape was a favourite Sir Kyffin subject
A national gallery to house the works of the late Sir Kyffin Williams should be sited on Anglesey, the landscape he loved, says the local council leader.

Sir Kyffin died, aged 88, in a nursing home on the island where he was born.

One leading art figure has already called for a permanent exhibition of his art be built in Cardiff.

But Anglesey Council leader Gareth Winston Roberts said admirers of Sir Kyffin should back the planned £1.5m gallery the artist himself supported.

Within days of Sir Kyffin's death last Friday, Wales' policymakers were facing conflicting views on where the artist should be remembered.

Sir Kyffin was renowned for his stark oil paintings of the north Wales landscape, as well for his portraits and drawings.

He was born in Llangefni and grew up in north Wales and returned in the 1970s as his recognition as an artist grew.

Wales' richest artist, Andrew Vicari, has called on the assembly government to act quickly to secure as many of Sir Kyffin's works for the nation as possible.

He said Sir Kyffin should have a permanent exhibition at the National Museum in Cardiff or even a purpose-built gallery in the Welsh capital.

But Mr Roberts called on politicians and prominent figures in the art world to back Anglesey's plans for a dedicated gallery on the island.

'Arts advocate'

He said Sir Kyffin was proud of his Anglesey roots and his love of north west Wales was well known.

The artist had already donated 400 of his original works to Oriel Ynys Môn, to be displayed at the planned £1.5m new gallery, he added.

Oriel Ynys Mon
The gallery near Llangefni needs to raise £1.4m

He said: "Anglesey is the obvious choice for a gallery dedicated to the work of local artist Sir Kyffin Williams.

"Plans are already in place here on the island to build a new gallery and we are progressing towards our target of £1.5 million needed to build the gallery."

Culture Minister Alun Pugh has said the assembly government was supporting the Anglesey project to house Sir Kyffin's works, but acknowledged there were different views on the issue.

Alun Gruffydd, Anglesey Council's principal museums and culture officer, said: "We were fortunate enough to have had Sir Kyffin Williams as an advocate for the arts on Anglesey and he was an active supporter of our work at Oriel Môn since we opened over 15 years ago."

Work has already begun on the extension which will house the works donated to the gallery by the artist but £1.4m still needs to be found to complete the work.

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