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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 December 2005, 09:51 GMT
Apology as Santa makes pub stop
A Father Christmas with a reindeer
The real 'Santa' is very busy
A Round Table group has apologised after children saw Santa stop off for a pint at a village pub in Gwynedd.

"It was inappropriate for Santa to go into the pub and take off his beard in view of children," said one parent.

Caernarfon Round Table chairman Stephen Parry said a "helper" stepped into Santa's boots in Llandwrog.

"We work very hard to raise money for charity, and I'm sorry if any children were upset," said Mr Parry.

Delyth Thomas, whose son Jac, eight saw Santa's refreshment stop in Llandwrog, said: "We heard the float pass the bottom of our road and we all jumped into the car to follow him".

Jac with his sister Lisa looking forward to the real Santa arriving
I saw his ears, and they were pointy, so I knew he wasn't a proper Santa - I guessed he was one of the elves helping out
Jac, eight

"When we got to the village Jac got out and followed Santa with another group of children.

"The float then stopped outside the pub, and Santa got off, went into the pub and took off his beard in full view of the children," Mrs Thomas added.

"I know they raise money for charity, but they were taking it all too lightly - I'm not narrow minded, but there was just no need for him to go into the pub."

Jac was philosophical about what he saw.

"I saw his ears, and they were pointy, so I knew he wasn't a proper Santa," he said.

"I guessed he was one of the elves helping out," he added.

Mr Parry confirmed that the float was manned by a helper with "pointy ears."

Money raised

"We work very hard for three weeks up to Christmas to raise money for charity, and we hope to raise around 4,000 this year," he said.

"On the evening in question the float did stop outside the pub, but the vice-chairman went in first to check whether there were any children inside, there weren't, so they went in and Santa took off his beard.

"As soon as it was realised that children were looking in through the window however, the beard was immediately put back on.

"I'm sorry if this lady's children were upset, but I think most children understand that the real Santa is too busy to be on every float at this time of year.

"What I'm looking forward to now is visiting some of the OAPs in the area with the parcels which have been put together with the money we've raised.

"To see their faces light up makes up for all the cold evenings spent going round with the float".

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