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Last Updated: Monday, 4 April, 2005, 13:59 GMT 14:59 UK
Ospreys return to re-built nest
Osprey (RSPB)
The ospreys lost their chicks in high winds last year
A male and a female osprey have set up home in north Wales, the first to do so this year, the RSPB has confirmed.

The male bird returned to the nest near Porthmadog last week and was joined by his partner over the weekend.

Last month school children helped RSPB experts rebuild the nest in the Glaslyn Valley, Gwynedd, in the hope that the pair would return.

A viewing point is to open at the end of the month for the public to observe the birds bringing up their young.

The birds are one of only two pairs known to have bred in Wales last year but their chicks died after their nest fell to the ground in high winds.

Scientific name : Pandion haliaetus
Wingspan : 5ft
Clutch: 3, but not all fledge
Sexual maturity: Three to five years
Diet : Mainly fish, particularly perch, pike, and trout

The male is thought to be one of the birds released from the Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Rutland Water in the East Midlands, where a project to reintroduce osprey began nine years ago.

His partner is likely to have come from Scotland which last year had 182 of Britain's 186 breeding pairs.

The birds' return was welcomed on Monday by ornithologist and broadcaster, Derek Moore, a trustee of the Welsh Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales.

'Food supply'

He said: "It is good that these birds have come back on their own. We're hoping the other birds will arrive any day."

The trust is still keeping secret the mid Wales location at which another pair of ospreys succeeded in raising a chick.

RSPB spokeswoman Wendy Johnson said the Porthmadog nest would be under 24-hour guard until the chicks were hatched.

"We want to have more visitors this year. The male must have a good food supply nearby.

"People will be able to go and see the male taking in food for the female and the female feeding the chicks."

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