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Jetty's future hangs in balance
Trefor, Cei Pren
The main wooden structures on the jetty now need replacing
A wooden jetty near Caernarfon built for large ships to load locally quarried stone is facing demolition because it is too expensive to keep.

Cei Pren in Trefor is the last of its kind along the Caernarfonshire coast.

More recently the jetty has been used by fishermen and divers, many of whom are keen to see it refurbished.

But Gwynedd Council which owns the structure say demolition is the only viable option. It would cost 60,000 to pull it down but 500,000 to keep.

Fishermen say pulling the jetty down would leave the quay and coastline open to the weather.

"I think it would be a great pity if they pulled it down, it would destroy the character of Trefor and it provides quite a bit of shelter," said Emyr Evans who has lived in the village all his life.

"There are practical reasons to save the cei," agreed Emlyn Cullen, another local resident.

"Really bad weather comes from the south west and the cei provides some shelter for the coastline which has already suffered from quite a bit of erosion."

Emlyn Cullen and Emyr Evans
Emlyn Cullen and Emyr Evans remember the cei from childhood

"The cei is like an old friend. People use it for fishing and diving. Pulling it down would make quite a lot of difference," he added.

According to their marine officer Barry Davies, Gwynedd Council has discovered it will cost up to 500,000 to safeguard the jetty for another 20 years.

The cost of renovating the jetty - which dates from the early 1900s - is so high because the main wood structures have deteriorated, and as the jetty is in a tidal area it would mean working from a barge.

To pull it down would cost 60,000, he said.

The council also approached the National Piers Society, but they were unable to help.

However, not everyone is convinced the jetty should stay.

There are problems caused by visitors who flock to the area, especially during the summer months when people camp overnight at the site, leaving a mess behind them.

"I have mixed feelings about the Cei," said another fisherman Glyn Williams.

Cei Pren, Trefor
This man travelled from Runcorn to fish on the Cei Pren

"I'm not keen on some of the people who come down here to use the place."

"It could have been better looked after over the years too," he added.

The community council is planning a public meeting in the village on 27 October at 1900 BST in the community centre to gauge local opinion.

"I feel the Cei has been neglected over the years," said community councillor Trefor Davies.

"This is an important historical site which is now a leisure facility and I feel certain that there is some way to save it."

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