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Worries over island marina wait
Boats at Beaumaris on Anglesey
A marina in Beaumaris was given the go-ahead in 2002
The Welsh Assembly Government has been criticised for the length of time it was taking to decide on a dredging licensing application for a new marina on Anglesey.

Council leaders said too much time was being taken over the application for the development near Beaumaris.

Although the plan was agreed in principle two years ago, a licence for dredging the sea bed is needed first.

The assembly government said it hopes to make a decision in a few weeks.

Anglesey Boat Company is to build the marina for 450 boats on the outskirts of Beaumaris.

But it cannot start the work until the assembly grants a licence to dredge the bed of the Menai Straits nearby.

"Marinas are being planned and built in a year in Ireland with boats in them," said Lawrence Roberts, a spokesman for the company.

"We in Wales have taken seven years since the idea began and two since the planning. It's awful."

Anglesey Council supports the marina and wants to build a promenade linking it with the town of Beaumaris, half a mile away.

But the authority's leader accused the assembly government of a slow response.

'Under pressure'

"We've had discussions with the assembly, but this matter has gone on for a few years," said Councillor W.J.Williams.

"I'm under pressure every time I go to Beaumaris. People ask me what's happening and if the marina's going to contiune or not.

"I know that the local member is also under pressure and the only thing we're asking is: 'Let us have a decision so that we can move on'.

"I believe that the marina is very important in terms of the town and the area's economy."

A Welsh Assembly Government spokesman said: "The consent now required is under the Food and Environment Protection Act to licence dredging and disposal of material associated with the capital work in constructing the marina.

"The technical assessment continues and the assembly government hopes to make a decision in the next few weeks."

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