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Housemate 'killed in loud CD row'
Police investigation in Llangefni following the stabbing
The stabbing took place at a shared house in Llangefni
A foreign worker stabbed a housemate to death with a butcher's knife after an argument over loud music, a court has been told.

Zbigniew Okon, 25, from Poland, was stabbed in a house at Llangefni, Anglesey, on 12 February this year.

It followed an argument between Danilo Furtado, from Portugal, and other workers over the playing of a Polish folk music CD, Mold Crown Court heard.

On the opening day of the trial, Mr Furtado, 45, denied murdering Mr Okon.

The court heard claims that Mr Furtado, who was employed by Welsh Country Foods on Anglesey, had already been asked to leave the house following previous arguments with other foreign workers living there.

He had what might be called a short fuse, but this time his anger took a very deadly turn
Prosecutor Roger Lloyd Thomas QC

Opening the trial on Wednesday, prosecutor Roger Lloyd Thomas QC, said that the stabbing took place just before 2230 GMT following an argument prompted by the playing of a Polish folk music CD.

Mr Okon and three other men were playing the music, allegedly loudly, when Mr Furtado, who is from Portugal, objected.

Insults were exchanged and a fight broke out between Mr Furtado and another man, Valdas Miniotas.

The court heard that Mr Furtado went upstairs but later returned to the lounge of the shared house with knives, which were used in his workplace to cut meat.

Mr Thomas said that Mr Furtado met Mr Okon - who he had argued with previously - at the doorway of the room and plunged the knife into his chest.

'Mortally wounded'

Mr Thomas said: "He (Mr Furtado) had what might be called a short fuse, but this time his anger took a very deadly turn.

"The defendant picked up two knives from the upstairs of the house. "He took at least one of them downstairs, approached Mr Okon and stabbed him."

Mr Thomas added: "Moments after that happened there was a gasp from Mr Okon and a scream.

Picture of Mold Crown Court
Mr Furtado denied the murder at Mold Crown Court

"He was seen to be staggering back down the hall and in to the lounge.

"He collapsed on the floor. He never moved again.

"He was mortally wounded and bled extensively because one of the main arteries had been severed."

The court heard that Mr Furtado told police that he had been chased into his bedroom and grabbed a knife from his bed to protect himself.

But Mr Thomas said that witnesses in the house and scientific evidence would show that the attack took place downstairs in the hall.

Mr Okon had been made redundant from his job but had continued to live at the house with other workers, including Mr Furtado.

The prosecution claimed there had previously been difficulties between the defendant and Mr Okon and Mr Furtado had previously said that he would kill Mr Okon.

The trial before Judge John Rogers QC is continuing.

Inquest opened into island death
18 Feb 05 |  North West Wales

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