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Last Updated: Sunday, 18 September 2005, 15:30 GMT 16:30 UK
Imam speaks at cathedral service
Mohammed al-Arabi Lachiri
The deputy imam said he hoped to bring the communities together
A north Wales police officer and deputy imam has addressed a congregation at Bangor Cathedral in the wake of July's London bombings.

As well as being a serving policeman, Moroccan-born Mohammed al-Arabi Lachiri is also deputy imam at the Bangor Islamic centre.

He addressed the morning service after a member of the cathedral staff earlier spoke at the local mosque.

A spokesman said they wanted to learn the feelings of the Muslim community.

Mr Lachiri said he had been "thrilled" to be asked to address the congregation.

"I'm here to emphasise the points that religion is one and that we're one nation and that we should work for the good of society," he said.

"In a sense he bridges both communities
Dean of Bangor, Alun Hawkins

"It is an opportunity to actually bring the two communities together and I think they are the people which can bring peace to the world.

The religious leader is also a policeman serving on Anglesey.

In the wake of the London bombings he said there had been some "fear" among the Muslim community in north Wales,

"We had a few antisocial reactions to what happened in London but nothing major," he added.

His visit to the cathedral followed an earlier visit by a member of the cathedral's staff who read out a letter from the bishop to the Muslim community.

The Dean of Bangor, Very Reverend Alun Hawkins, explaining what he and other church members hoped to be informed directly of how the people in the Muslim community were feeling and how things seemed to them.

"Mohammed al Aribi is particularly well positioned to do this and he is a police officer serving the North Wales community," he said.

"In a sense he bridges both communities".


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