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Thirty at Brunstrom 'road show'
Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom
The chief constable said lives had been saved by cracking down on speeding
Less than 30 people turned out for a face-to-face meeting with the Chief Constable of North Wales Police Richard Brunstrom.

However, the event in Llandudno went on for almost three hours and there were lively exchanges about his views on drugs and speeding.

Mr Brunstrom plans to hold another 50 'road shows' across the force area.

He wants the public to be able to form their own impressions of him rather than having to rely on the media.

Mr Brunstrom said he was disappointed with the turnout at Thursday's meeting, but will look at whether future events can be better publicised.

There was general agreement about his policy to curb anti social behaviour, and he said the force were pioneers in Britain in using new powers against 'boy racers.'

Twenty one cars had been seized and they were not returned until 180 cash had been paid.

'Different impression'

But his views on drugs, and advocating the decriminalisation of heroin, with addicts treated as patients, did not meet with such approval.

In Britain, he said, billions went to organised criminals who provided drugs, and it was obvious that the present policy was not working.

When he gave details of how addicts could be treated and given safe heroin in controlled conditions, one member of the audience, a nurse, protested that cancer victims would not be happy about scarce NHS resources being used in such a way.

On speeding, Mr Brunstrom repeated his opinion that it was anti social behaviour, and he said it was a fact that about a third of road deaths in Britain were caused by speeding.

Mr Brunstrom urged motorists to buy a car with a speed limiter, saying he had one himself and so it was impossible to break the limit.

Local resident Neil Foden said: "It's a pity more people weren't here, they'd have got a different impression, perhaps from how Mr Brunstrom comes over in some of his interviews."

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