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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 April, 2004, 14:41 GMT 15:41 UK
Lottery cash aids island reserve
Dingle nature reserve
A part-time officer will oversee the extension of the woodland
A nature reserve on Anglesey is to be extended with the help of 122,000 of lottery money.

The Dingle reserve at Llangefni is one of the island's few ancient woodland sites.

The three-year scheme will be run by Cwmni Tref Llangefni with Anglesey Council.

Parts of the reserve will be restocked with trees of native origin, like oak and hazel with the aim of boosting the wildlife there.

The site has already seen new footpaths and a sculpture trail created in recent years.

A part-time project officer is to be appointed to oversee the work, after the award by the New Opportunities Fund.

Conservation officers say hazel trees have more of a chance of prospering on the island than on the mainland, because of the lack of a large grey squirrel population.

But in the future there is the possibility of the wood becoming a habitat for red squirrels, which are being bred in a woodland project elsewhere on the island.

The council says the money will help create a more ecologically sustainable woodland in the long term and also provide education and training opportunities in woodland history, ecology and management.

Red squirrel
Red squirrels could be a future resident if hazel trees are cultivated

Councillor Phil Fowlie, Anglesey council's environment spokesman, said: "The Dingle local nature reserve is already a well-loved and valuable asset of which both Llangefni and Anglesey can be proud.

"Any further developments can only enhance its appeal to locals and visitors alike and further increase opportunities to raise awareness of conservation issues."

Less than five per cent of the island is now made up of wood or scrubland, compared to an average in Wales of 15%.

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