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Last Updated: Friday, 9 April, 2004, 14:43 GMT 15:43 UK
Graffiti hidden for tourists
Menai Bridge
Hundreds of tourists are expected to go to Anglesey over Easter
Anti-English graffiti along one of Anglesey's busiest roads has been covered with tarpaulin to stop visitors feeling unwelcome.

Slogans such as "English out" and "no colonisation" have been hidden by the sheeting after a colony of newts meant no chemical cleaners could be used.

Anglesey Council said the graffiti along the A55 was covered to prevent visitors from taking offence.

They are looking for safe methods to clean the site and protect the newts.

"There has been graffiti up for several weeks on several locations and every attempt has been made to deal this graffiti," said Phil Fowlie from Anglesey Council.

It [the tarpaulin] is definitely up for this weekend because we must not give the wrong impression to people who visit this island
Phil Fowlie, Anglesey Council

"We have a responsibility to keep our walls and signs clean at all times.

"Unfortunately there is a colony of newts at this particular site where the tarpaulin has been used.

"And as we are caring people, we have unable to clean it because obviously chemicals will be used," he said.

The council decided to erect a tarpaulin cover over the site as the Easter holiday began.

Hundreds of tourists are expected to visit the island with many using the A55 road.


"It is definitely up for this weekend because we must not give the wrong impression to people who visit this island," said Mr Fowlie.

"The visitors and the holiday trade is a vital part of the economy of the island.

"I personally think they [those behind the graffiti] are irresponsible people.

"The tarpaulin is there for the holiday weekend because we don't want to put out the wrong impression.

"Once the department that is dealing with it has found a proper, sufficient and a friendly substance to clean it up - because of the newts at this particular location - that is what will happen," he added.

Mr Fowlie said that the council were working with different environmental agencies to find a product that would remove the graffiti without harming the newts at the site.

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