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Friend's death inspires glass art
Sir Kyffin Williams by Karen Jones
Karen's portrait of Sir Kyffin Williams

A self-taught artist inspired by a friend who lost her battle with cancer believes she may have invented a new form of glass art.

Karen Jones, 42, from Caernarfon, makes three-dimensional caricatures and landscapes out of glass, and paints the features with enamel.

Her talents have been spotted by the eminent Anglesey artist Sir Kyffin Williams who has been encouraging her.

A mother-of-three and jewellery designer, Karen was first inspired to explore new forms of art last year by a photographer friend.

"I had seen an exhibition of photographic art by my neighbour Jan Barnes... I knew Jan was fighting hard against cancer.

Sir Kyffin is my favourite artist and he has been helping me as much as he can - his art has opened my eyes.
Karen Jones

"One of her photos was gorgeous, a delicate close-up of a dandelion clock signifying time."

Karen made a sketch of a dandelion in her garden which she showed to Jan who encouraged her to experiment with different forms of art.

Ty Dynamite - Nant Gwytheyrn by Karen Jones
Karen draws inspiration from the stunning Snowdonia landscape

"She sadly lost her fight with cancer, dying peacefully some months later, but before she left we had many interesting conversations about art.

"One of the last things she told me was 'Keep going - don't stop.'

"Eventually I came up with an unusual formula - art in glass and enamel.

"I got very excited as I realised I could cut and shape the glass and enamel to the mountains and cottages of my homeland."

"I think it is a new form of art - I don't know of anyone else who has done it and I think I'm on to something big."

Her work is drawn from the spectacular scenery of Snowdonia and she has made caricatures of two of north west Wales' most famous sons, Sir Kyffin and opera star Bryn Terfel.

Karen Jones
Karen's new work can sell for several hundreds of pounds

She said: "Sir Kyffin is my favourite artist and he has been helping me as much as he can with tips on drawing.

"His art has opened my eyes to different shapes and I think I can see things now in a different way."

She displays and sells her work at her newly opened gallery, Oriel Llywellyn in Palace Street, Caernarfon and hopes to go on to painting pop idols and public figures.

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