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Last Updated: Monday, 22 December, 2003, 16:37 GMT
Another dies at notorious quarry
Rescuers at the quarry
The quarry attracts divers from across the UK
A man has died after a diving accident at a notorious quarry lake in north Wales.

He died after getting into difficulties at the disused Dorothea Quarry in the Nantlle Valley in Gwynedd.

The quarry lake - up to 300ft deep in places with a network of flooded tunnels and sheer drops - is a favourite training location for amateur divers from across the UK.

Its icy waters have claimed five lives in the past year and around 20 in the last 10 years. Scores more have had lucky escapes and have needed to be rescued.

Police confirmed on Friday that one man - who is thought to have suffered a heart attack - was pronounced dead at the scene.

His companion was suffering from the bends and was flown for treatment at a specialist decompression chamber on the Wirral.

It is believed both men were from the Warrington area.

Despite warnings from the quarry's owner, divers have continued to travel from hundreds of miles away to train there.

Les Jones, a local councillor, has called for divers to stop using the quarry.

"It's an ideal place for diving but, without any proper facilities and equipment in emergencies, I think that diving should be banned from Dorothea Quarry."

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