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Last Updated: Sunday, 23 November, 2003, 14:58 GMT
Police sack civilian worker
North Wales Police graphic
The civilian worker was sacked for making an 'inappropriate comment'

North Wales Police, who say they are working hard to tackle racism in their ranks, have dismissed a temporary civilian worker who is believed to have made a racist comment.

Her dismissal follows the force's embarrassment after the BBC One documentary, the Secret Policeman, showed one of their then trainee officers, Pc Rob Pulling, making racist comments.

However, the force has refused to confirm or deny reports that the civilian worker they have now sacked was also dismissed for alleged racist behaviour.

On Sunday, a police spokeswoman said :"A temporary member of staff, who wasn't a North Wales police employee but from an employment agency, made an inappropriate comment. She was asked not to return to North Wales police."

The woman had worked in the force's Criminal Justice Unit at Colwyn Bay, and the employment agency has been told what happened.

The north Wales force are currently reviewing their entire recruitment policy following the Secret Policeman documentary.
Rob Pulling wore an improvised Ku Klux Klan mask
Rob Pulling wore an improvised Ku Klux Klan mask

Pc Pulling, who had worked in the force's central division, covering towns like Rhyl, Colwyn Bay and Llandudno, resigned after the programme was transmitted in October.

He had been asked by undercover reporter Mark Daly during the filming if he was capable of killing an Asian man, to which he replied: "I've got it in me... it's a hatred thing."

Mr Pulling had also been filmed wearing an improvised Ku Klux Klan mask.

Afterwards, he claimed that his extreme views were not out of place in the force.

The programme featured eight offices from three forces - North Wales, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Mr Pulling was among six officers who resigned as a result; two, including Keith Cheshire from north Wales were suspended, and the Police Complaints Authority have launched an investigation.

Mr Pulling was described at the time as "a disgrace" by North Wales' Deputy Chief Constable Clive Wolfendale.

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