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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 July, 2003, 13:04 GMT 14:04 UK
Royals boost drink sales
Princes sampling the liqueur
Princes Charles and William acquired a taste for Welsh liqueur
The recent visit to north Wales by Prince Charles and Prince William has given a family business on Anglesey an unexpected boost.

Sales of Welsh Cream Liqueur have gone up since a host of newspapers carried front page pictures of the two princes sampling the product at the Anglesey Food Fair last month.

The event made headlines when Prince William joked that the press were trying to get him "drunk" as he sipped the apricot brandy produced by the Llanfaethlu firm, Condessa.

Proprietor Richard Jones says the royal endorsement has doubled the number of enquiries about their product.

Being on the front of the daily newspapers with our names there in black and white generated an enormous amount of interest - especially as the princes were so keen on our product
Richard Jones, Condessa

"You can imagine that being on the front of the daily newspapers with our names there in black and white generated an enormous amount of interest - especially as the princes were so keen on our product," said Mr Jones.

"The following day I went to a show in Yorkshire and people I'd never met before came up to me and said "Aren't you the fellow who met Prince Charles and Prince William - isn't this the liqueur they liked?".

"I was quite surprised people in other parts of the country knew of the goings on in Anglesey.

"We've had emails from all over England and Wales asking if they could buy our liqueurs.

"Our sales have increased and a lot of interest generated.

"In terms of retailers, eight have already asked for details following the visit.

Richard Jones
Sales of Condessa liqueurs have increased since the visit

"We have taken on one additional employee since the visit, partly as a result of an increase in sales and partly because we have to look ahead and train people to operate machines.

"It couldn't have come at a better time with the aftermath of foot-and-mouth disease."


Richard and Carol Jones moved their company from Chester to Anglesey in 1989.

They had been making ingredients for producing wines and spirits since 1969.

But they later decided to produce and sell the drinks themselves and started producing their Welsh Cream liqueur.

They now have a range of products from Cherry and Apricot Brandy, Sloe Gin and the most recent addition, Praline Welsh Cream.

They are considering how to maximise the benefits derived from the royal visit.

"We have to be careful to what extent we use royalty to promote our products but in the longer term we would need to include this as a promotion factor.

"But when all is said and done it is the quality of the product which will sell it," added Mr Jones.

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