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Pregnancy parking bays voted down by the Welsh Assembly

A pregnant women
Do pregnant women need parking bays?

Proposals to allow heavily pregnant women to park their cars in designated spaces in Wales, have been thrown out in the assembly.

Darren Millar, AM for Clwyd West, wants women to have the same rights as disabled blue badge holders during their last three months of pregnancy.

The scheme, which would have given women pink badges, will go no further after AMs voted against it.

Some critics had called the scheme "unnecessary" for pregnant women.

Mr Millar had said it could help women at an "uncomfortable time".

He laid out the plans in a legislative competence order (LCO) - a Welsh "law".

'Temporary arrangement'

He said the idea came from his wife Rebekah's experiences when she was carrying their children seven and nine years ago.

She described the idea as "fantastic".

Mr Millar believed passes could be issued by GPs or midwives.

"Clearly while this is not is a major issue for everybody, it is something I feel strongly about.

Pregnant ladies are not disabled, they shouldn't really require extra treatment
Cerian Rolls, mother

"It's just to try and help mums-to-be getting about with shopping or other children for example during what can be an uncomfortable time."

Some people had criticised the scheme, with one mother saying it was "unnecessary".

Cerian Rolls, from Aberdare, Cynon Valley, is a mother-of-one and says more needs to be done to increase the numbers of disabled bays and parking facilities generally rather than accommodate pregnant women.

"Pregnant ladies are not disabled, they shouldn't really require extra treatment," she said.

"As lovely as the idea does seem, I really don't think it's necessary."

She said that many supermarkets already allow pregnant women to use their parent and toddler bays.

"I think that what needs to be looked at is actually addressing the parking facilities in town and villages, not just for pregnant people."

The proposed LCO needed a majority vote in the Senedd to proceed, but was voted down on Wednesday.

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