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Rhodri or Rodney? Still confusion

Rhodri Morgan
People in the streets of Wrexham were asked if their opinions on Rhodri Morgan - "He looks a pleasant enough chap. I know the face"

A BBC poll revealed 65% of people think Rhodri Morgan has carried out a good job in his nine years as leader of the Welsh Assembly Government.

Mr Morgan intends to stand down around the time of his 70th birthday in September.

Research has shown he is by far the best known Welsh politician, but when people were asked on the street in Wrexham, some were still struggling to recognise the first minister.

Armed with a picture, we asked people at random whether they recognised Mr Morgan and if so, what they thought of him.

First to view the picture was Lizzie Beadle, 19, from Wrexham, who admitted: "No, I haven't got a clue."

Her friend, Hannah Roberts, 17, from Corwen, Denbighshire, said: "I know he looks familiar. I kind of know the face but I can't put a name to it.

"Is he an MP or something?"

Lizzie Beadle and Hannah Roberts
Who? Lizzie Beadle (left) and Hannah Roberts had no idea

Raymond Probert, 75, from New Broughton, near Wrexham, was equally confused.

"I have seen him before but I can not remember his name," he said.

"He looks a pleasant enough chap. I know the face."

Ann Jackson, from Wrexham, said: "I know he's a politician, but you're asking the wrong person. I don't follow politics."

Thora Lindsay, from Bala, Gwynedd, guessed the name eventually, but struggled to say anything more about Mr Morgan.

She said: "I don't really follow politics."

Raymond Probert
Raymond Probert thought Rhodri Morgan looked like a "pleasant" chap

Jean Hughes, from Rhos, near Wrexham, said: "Rodney... is his surname Llewelyn? I know he's a Welshman anyway."

After learning it was Rhodri Morgan, she said: "Oh yes. Well, he seems all right to me."

Only one man, Brian Parry, from Wrexham, knew who it was straight away.

But he added: "I don't know much about him. He's supposed to represent the Welsh, but it's only south Wales really - you hardly ever see them up here."

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