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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2007, 13:38 GMT 14:38 UK
Taser fired as three fight in pub
Pc Church with a Taser
Tasers fire two metal barbs connected to the weapon by a wire
A Taser electronic stun gun has been used by North Wales Police to break up a fight between three men in a pub.

Two officers at first used CS spray to try to stop the fight at the Black Horse in Penycae, Wrexham.

The force said that when this did not work, an officer used his Taser on one of the three.

None of the three arrested was said to have been injured by the stun gun. Last month the force began a Taser trial with 28 officers in rural areas.

Chief constable Richard Brunstrom revealed the pilot "over the next year or so" this month on his blog, which also featured a video of him being a target of a Taser, which delivers a 50,000-volt shock.

The footage showed him being supported by two officers as he is zapped with a Taser by a third officer.

Ten forces across Wales and England are taking part in trials extending their use. The only other Welsh force involved are Gwent Police.

When Tasers are fired, two metal barbs connected to the weapon by a thin wire pierce the skin before the charge is delivered.

Amnesty International has said the weapons, which temporarily disable a suspect, have been linked to more than 70 deaths in America.

Last week the Metropolitan Police abandoned Home Office plans to give Tasers to unarmed officers.

The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) refused to accept the proposals after they found the stun guns were meant to be used "in addition to firearms".

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