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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 16:17 GMT 17:17 UK
Prized poodle in ID 'theft' probe
Lynne Day with Blue the poodle
Lynne Day, pictured with Blue, warns buyers about potential risks
A dog breeder says her prize-winning standard poodle has had his identity "stolen" over the internet.

Lynne Day said Afonwen Welch Fusilier - or Blue, for short - was targeted after his pedigree details were accidentally posted online.

A suspected conman has been passing Blue off as his own, claiming the dog has given birth to pups which he tries to sell to unsuspecting customers.

Police are investigating a complaint by Mrs Day, of Tremeirchion, Denbighshire.

Mrs Day said the scam was brought to her attention last week by a woman from London who had been looking for a standard poodle pup and answered an advert on a dog seller's website.

The woman became suspicious when the seller demanded money up front.

She said the man also spoke in broken English, and sent her pictures of toy poodle pups - not standard poodles.

The seller then forwarded details of Blue's pedigree.

He would have said he could get whatever sort of dog she wanted, but we don't think he actually had any
Lynne Day, Blue's owner

But when the woman checked Blue's pedigree online, she discovered the dog was registered to Mrs Day, and contacted her through a number on Mrs Day's website.

"The woman didn't know whether I was part of the scam or not when she called me," said Mrs Day.

"But she explained everything to me, including the fact the pedigree that was emailed to her was for my dog.

"I was appalled. I contacted North Wales Police, who have been extremely good and are looking into it."

Mrs Day said Blue's details were mistakenly put online by somebody she employed to work on her website.

She added: "The woman began to smell a rat when the seller sent her pictures of toy poodles, which are obviously different to standard poodles.

Blue the poodle
Blue won two prizes last year, and also competed at Crufts

"He would have said he could get whatever sort of dog she wanted, but we don't think he actually had any dogs.

"He's banking on people sending money up front, which can happen when people are buying pedigree dogs."

In a warning to unsuspecting buyers, she said: "The best way to buy or sell puppies is through the Kennel Club.

"And always get the necessary papers as you pay the money."

A Kennel Club spokeswoman advised breeders and owners against publishing full names and details of their dogs online.

She added: "You should only every buy a dog or a puppy when you see it in the flesh.

"If it is a puppy then you should be seeing it with its mother in the home in which it was born."

Blue won last year won at the Midlands Counties Canine Society Show and the North West Poodle Club. He also competed at Crufts.

Blue's owner on her concerns about the apparent theft of her dog's ID

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