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Last Updated: Friday, 13 April 2007, 21:13 GMT 22:13 UK
Chip shop 'attack' posted on web
YouTube screengrab
YouTube allows home videos to be posted on the internet
Mobile phone footage of a chip shop worker in Cardiff being attacked by a schoolgirl has been posted on a video website.

The film, which is 23 seconds long, apparently shows the female worker being attacked by a schoolgirl aged about 15 as cheering children look on.

The incident took place in the Tremorfa area of Cardiff.

Meanwhile, a girl, 15, has spoken of her "disgust" after footage of her being attacked was also put on the web.

The clip of the chip shop incident, on video website YouTube, had been viewed nearly 2,700 times by Thursday evening.

'Ugly scene'

The footage begins with the schoolgirl fighting with the chip shop worker before both of them fall to the ground.

The schoolgirl leaps up and attempts to kick and punch the woman, before the worker walks back into the shop as watching children cheer.

The teenagers in the video clip appear to be wearing school uniform from the local Willows High School.

The school's head teacher, Mal Davies, said: "Quite obviously it was an ugly scene which we're disappointed the youngsters are involved in.

"[We are] even more disappointed that the youngster who took the video clip didn't bring that to our attention which has been the case with certain issues before.

"Youngsters who've had a mobile phone with them and they see something they don't think is right, they videoed it and brought it to the attention of members of staff and we've been able to take up the issue with the youngsters and their parents.

"Now that I've seen this video clip it's quite simple to identify the young lady involved and we'll be having a discussion with her parents."


Some local residents said there was often trouble in the area involving schoolchildren.

Christine Hurley, who lives across the road from the chip shop involved, said of the footage: "The parents have got to answer for that. If that was my children, they wouldn't go out, they would be grounded.

"That's how sick kids are round here, they're just awful - you can't describe them."

YouTube, which enables web users to post their own videos, has become one of the internet's most popular sites.

  • Meanwhile, a 15-year-old Cardiff schoolgirl has spoken out after footage of her being attacked by a fellow pupil was also posted on the web. The teenager was left with bruising to her head and body after her female attacker, sitting astride her, delivered a series of blows.

    The girl, who does not want to be identified, said she felt "disgusted" when she found out the attack had been filmed and posted on the internet.

    "I feel upset because everyone is going to know that I am a wimp, but I ain't," she told the BBC's Radio Wales.

    "The viciousness of this attack has shocked"

    Attacked teenager tells of 'disgust' at web posting

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