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Boy's daily blog of cancer fight
Connah Broom
Connah with his grandparents Debbie and Jim Broom
A five-year-old boy is writing a daily blog of his battle with a rare form of cancer.

Connah Broom, from Gronant, near Prestatyn in Denbighshire, has neuroblastoma which only affects around 80 children in Britain each year.

His diary, put together with help from his grandfather Jim, is published on a website set up to help raise funds to send him to America for treatment.

Mr Broom said they would even resort to selling their home to fund the trip.

He was inspired to set up the website after meeting the parents of a young girl with the condition at Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool who were planning to do the same.

"It's just to make people aware" he said. "There are an awful lot of children in north Wales going though all types of cancer and leukaemia."

Karaoke-fan Connah, who has lessons at home because he cannot go to school while undergoing chemotherapy, puts together the blog entry with his grandfather every evening.

You would do absolutely anything if you thought it was going to do something for Connah
Jim Broom, Connah's grandfather

Connah lives with his grandparents Jim and Debbie, and his father Chris.

Mr Broom explained: "Before Connah goes to bed, I take a few notes about what he remembers doing that day. When he goes to bed I sit down and write it up.

"He sometimes needs a bit of prompting. What sticks out in kids' minds is things like going around to a friend's house and playing Power Rangers."

Compiling the blog has been a boost to both Connah and Mr Broom, who said: "We spend time together all day but then I sit down and cuddle him and talk everything through and it helps.

"Just to talk through what he's done also makes him realise he is doing stuff every day and not just sitting in front of the television."

Connah Broom
Swimming and a friend's birthday party have featured in the blog

Diagnosed last August, Connah has tumours through his body and chemotherapy has had very little success.

His family are now investigating every possible treatment including therapy only available in America which will cost thousands of pounds.

There is only a one in five survival rate for neuroblastoma.

Mr Broom said he would even be willing to sell his house to raise the necessary funds to go to America.

"You would do anything, absolutely anything, if you thought it was going to do something for Connah" he said.

"You'd go anywhere, you'd sit in the street and demonstrate or do whatever it takes. Any parent would."

If it is not possible to send Connah to America, the family have said any money raised will go towards research into the rare condition.

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