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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 March 2007, 18:02 GMT
Toilet cleaning firm axes 70 jobs
Up to 70 jobs could go at the firm's Mold plant
Up to 70 jobs could go at a toilet ware factory which is considering moving part of its work to the Czech Republic.

The 250 staff at the Jeyes site in Mold, were told on Tuesday that "global competition" was behind the proposal.

Finance Director Nicholas Goodwin said the group had a "fantastic workforce" but could not afford to keep all its production in the UK.

He said: "Our Czech Republic factory enables us to compete on price in more European markets."

The firm has begun a consultation exercise on the restructure, which would affect all departments at the Mold plant, which manufactures toilet cleaning products.

It a statement, it said competition was forcing many UK companies to move part of their operations overseas to lower-cost economies where wages and transport costs are lower.

Mr Goodwin added: "This is a comparatively high-cost economy so for products going to central European markets it is inescapable that we must consider production facilities closer to the point of sale in a lower-cost economy."

He said retaining the numbers and skill levels required to keep the Mold site a success would be a "key priority".


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