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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 January 2007, 07:02 GMT
Musical protest at road-widening
The protest
Local residents are opposed to the scheme
While a number of roads have inspired songs, few would have predicted a tune about the A494 at Queensferry.

But although this Flintshire trunk road may lack the allure of Route 66, plans to turn it into seven lanes have prompted a chorus of disagreement.

John Butler, from Shotton, Flintshire, was driven to write "A494 Agony" because of his concerns.

The Welsh Assembly Government says it suffers from congestion, but critics fear disruption and more pollution.

Mr Butler, a retired retailer, said he wanted to make people smile, but also raise some of the more serious issues behind the scheme.

"I wrote the song to put a humorous but thoughtful slant on it," he said.

"If I can put a smile on peoples' faces then great - whether they be students, pensioners, young or old."

He added: "It's a very serious issue.

"I have two grandchildren and I realise that a project this big is not just for now, it will affect future generations for hundreds of years.

"I believe this is a social injustice and it's outrageous that people should have this forced upon them without the powers that be giving them all the details."

The A494 links the A55 with the north-west of England, bypassing places like Ewloe, Aston and Queensferry.

It has a speed limit of 50mph, but the plans would see a stretch near Queensferry turned into a seven-lane road, with speed limits of up to 70mph.

Many residents from Aston on Deeside are opposed to the scheme, fearing rises in pollution, noise, and busier roads.

In his song, Mr Butler refers to the new road being a convenient shortcut to Ireland for continental truck operators.

He also sings about "gogs" against the motorway, gogs being a nickname for north Walians taken from Gogledd Cymru, meaning north Wales.

Extract from A494 Agony

"Visitors on holiday are welcome to our shore
But left-hand speeding juggernauts
We don't need any more!
Environment, not "food-miles" this is where we stand
It's 'gogs' against a motorway - carving up our land!"

"They're piling on the agony, piling on the style
They plan to desecrate our roads with more noise by the mile
We'll always keep a welcome - with a love that never fails
But we don't need a motorway across the top of Wales!"

"'Gogs' can't get down to Cardiff town
'Taffs' can't get up to us
The toffs may fly but we must try
By bike or auto-bus
We'd like a hi-speed railway-link
That joins our lovely land
But folks in our Assembly
Don't seem to understand!"

Listen to John Butler's 'A494 Agony'

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