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Webcams monitor nursery children
Baby Riley Heywood
The webcam allows parents to view their children in nursery
A Denbighshire nursery has installed webcams which allow parents to watch their children via the internet.

The Beach House Day Nursery in Rhyl is thought to be one of the first in north Wales to use an online system.

Parents can log on to the internet to check on their children, and it is hoped live feeds could also be sent to mobile phones in the future.

Nursery owner Helen Thomas said: "It's a fantastic idea and the parents love it. It's also completely safe."

The nursery opened its doors for the first time on Tuesday, and already has nine children on its books, with space for another 16.


All youngsters are monitored constantly by eight cameras which feed images online.

The images can then be accessed by parents using secure passwords - but only on the days their children are at the nursery.

Mrs Thomas said: żI decided to put them in because as a mother myself I can understand how anxious parents are leaving their children for nursery for the first time.

"I think parents want that extra now. Years ago they didn't have internet access at work and now they've got that, and it's nice."

The £4,000 system, is made by Berkshire-based company NurseryCam, and a monthly subscription is paid for its use.

Webcam images
Parents can only access the webcam when their child is in nursery

"We have cameras in all rooms except the toilets. There's even one in the back garden, and out the front," Mrs Thomas said.

"Parents can log on at all times, and it's completely safe.

"The system uses encrypted technology, like they use in the military and in banking. The right password has to be used from the right computer and so on."

She added: "It means you cab watch your children even if you're away on business."

"Or, if you have relatives abroad, as long as they are approved, they can have their own passwords to get access and log on as well."

Anthony and Tracey Heywood chose the nursery for their nine-month-old son Riley.


"We had a look round all the local nurseries, and this one was just opening, " Mr Heywood said.

"We and found out a bit more about it, found out that they have this nursery cam in here and before even seeing the nursery we'd booked a place on the back of that".

Tracey Heywood said she thinks parents will use the facility sensibly.

"If something bad was happening, you'd see it. Whereas if the cameras weren't here you wouldn't have the opportunity to see that so I don't think it's a negative thing, it's a positive really," Mrs Heywood said.

"We've got to be reasonable - we understand what babies are like and how difficult it is for the nursery staff.

"Just because he's crying, it doesn't mean it's neglect - that's something that babies do isn't it? It's just reassurance for us really."

"It was a big selling point as far as we were concerned"

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