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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 November 2006, 16:43 GMT
New 'scorecard' food hygiene test
Burger and chips
It may look tasty - but how clean is the kitchen where it was made?
Restaurants and other food outlets in Wrexham are to be graded according to their hygiene levels.

Wrexham Council claims to be the first in Wales to publish the results of compulsory hygiene tests on a website.

Businesses will also be allowed to advertise their rating, which ranges from no stars for the worst, to five for the best.

The "scores on the doors" scheme is designed to help customers decide where to eat.

We are very pleased and proud to have achieved a five-star rating. The challenge for us will be to maintain that standard
Paul Belton, landlord, Acton Park Hotel, Wrexham

Inclusion in the council's new website is compulsory, although businesses can decide for themselves whether to display their rating.

The council's food safety team have assessed the hygiene levels of different businesses, as well as the condition of the premises and management skills in relation to food issues.

Places with five stars are described as having excellent food hygiene standards and good management.

Those with no stars are considered below standard, with little appreciation of food safety.

Council chief public protection officer Andy Lewis said: "Wrexham has introduced the scheme to help drive up food hygiene standards and to give the public easy to understand information that can help them choose where they eat or shop, based on food safety inspections."

Paul Belton, landlord of the Acton Park Hotel, where the scheme was launched, said: "We are very pleased and proud to have achieved a five-star rating.

"The challenge for us will be to maintain that standard in future inspections.

"We welcome this and all initiatives that help improve food safety standards which will in turn reassure customers about their choice of restaurant."

The database - which can be accessed through the council's website - currently holds results of inspections carried out since September.

The council plans to update it with ratings for all food outlets in the county, including school canteens.

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