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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 October 2006, 11:17 GMT 12:17 UK
Hospital 'missed OAP broken bone'
Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips is recovering from a second operation
The family of a 92-year-old man say he was in agony for over two weeks after a hospital allegedly failed to spot his broken thighbone.

Jack Phillips' relatives say he was told by staff at Glan Clwyd Hospital, Denbighshire, it was a psychological problem and he was told to keep mobile.

More than two weeks later, he underwent surgery for a broken thighbone (femur).

The hospital said it was sorry to hear of his family's concerns, but officials would be happy to meet Mr Phillips.

Mr Phillips' family said he complained of severe pain on 7 April, and paramedics were called.

Whilst we are pleased to hear of Mrs Phillips' good experiences with the hospital, we are sorry to hear of her concerns regarding the treatment of her grandfather
Glan Clwyd Hospital

His family said he stayed in hospital for 10 days while doctors took X-rays and tests, but was eventually told there was nothing wrong, and was sent to Flint's cottage hospital.

But on 24 April his relatives said they became so concerned they persuaded medical staff to re-admit him to Glan Clwyd for further examination.

It was discovered he had a broken femur, and doctors operated the following day to insert a metal plate.

A spokeswoman for Glan Clwyd Hospital said: "Whilst we are pleased to hear of Mrs Phillips' good experiences with the hospital, we are sorry to hear of her concerns regarding the treatment of her grandfather, Mr John (Jack) Phillips.

"Whilst we cannot discuss this individual case because of patient confidentiality, if the family would care to contact patient services at the hospital, we would be happy to discuss their concerns further with them."

His granddaughter, Fernanda Phillips, said: "In the Second World War he was shot in the same leg by a sniper in France.

"It shattered his femur and he spent two years in a hospital bed in a full body cast - so he knows what pain is.

Glan Clwyd Hospital
Glan Clwyd Hospital said it was sorry to hear of the family's concerns

"He was in major pain, and although Glan Clwyd kept him in for 10 days, nothing was done.

"Then they sent him to the cottage hospital in Flint. The information given to the cottage hospital was to keep him mobile and to give him physiotherapy.

"I'm sure that didn't do him any good - he was in extreme pain.

"At one stage he said 'I just want to give up,' because the pain was so bad.

Metal plate

"In all, he spent two months in hospital."

Mr Phillips underwent more surgery this week to correct problems with the screws holding the metal plate in place.

His granddaughter added: "It's a real shame what he's had to go through.

"I have children and they've had great experiences at the hospital. We also had three family members who died of cancer, and they were treated wonderfully.

"My mother-in-law had a major heart attack and the hospital were great.

"But it's no excuse for not detecting the problem with my grandfather, who has had to suffer a great deal unnecessarily.

"And he's such a nice person. He hasn't really blamed the hospital, he's just got on with it."

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