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Fans rejoice as Wrexham deal done
Wrexham fans celebrate the news of the takeover deal

Fans of Wrexham football club are waking up to the knowledge that the club's season can start as planned following the sale of the club.

On Thursday, last-minute problems with a loan to finance the deal were overcome, and a consortium led by businessman Neville Dickens took over.

There were scenes of rejoicing in the pubs near the Racecourse ground as the news was confirmed.

Fan Jamie Scott, 25, said the news meant football "was the winner".

He told BBC News: "As long as they can turn the corner and there's no tycoon with a hidden agenda then it's good news for the town, players and everyone."

Celebrating with him in the Turf Tavern adjoining the Racecourse, Tim Jones, 40, added: "The clouds have been lifted. For starters, players know they're going to get paid now.

There have been days when we have thought we'd come very close to losing the football club
Bruce Clapton
Wrexham Supporters' Trust

"There's people in this town who've followed Wrexham for 40 or 50 years, so it's tremendous news for them."

Richard Williams, 30, agreed with this assessment, saying: "It's excellent news. It's the start of a new era and hopefully a promotion-winning campaign. What's gone on should be forgotten."

"The best way fans can show their faith in Neville and Geoff [Moss] is to get behind the team. Off the field, things are sorted now."

Wrexham Supporters' Club chairman Bruce Clapton was at the Racecourse when the deal was completed.

He said of the club's various trials: "There have been days when we have thought we'd come very close to losing the football club, and there's also been a number of false dawns, but now it's all come true and we're out of administration.

"[On Thursday] there was a mixture of worry and hope.

New owner Neville Dickens and administrator David Acland after completing the deal on Thursday
The administrator said 24 hours earlier he feared the deal was "lost"

"[But administrators] Dave Acland and Steve Williams had seen us right through their whole tenure at the club, and knowing that they were working on our side, there was always the hope that the deal would be done."

The club had been in administration for 18 months prior to the deal, and under Football League rules it had to come out of administration before the start of the season on Saturday to allow it to compete.

The administrator David Acland admitted on Thursday that less than 24 hours earlier, he thought the deal was "lost".

The problem arose over a possible conflict of interest over a 2.5m loan from Liverpool FC shareholder Steve Morgan.

By lending money to Wrexham, Mr Morgan could in theory exclude himself from becoming a director at Liverpool.

But Mr Morgan confirmed funds would be released on Thursday.

"I'm delighted that it's all over... Now the hard work starts"

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