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Police chief airs views in blog
Richard Brunstrom
Mr Brunstrom will use his blog for personal observations
North Wales Police chief Richard Brunstrom claims he has become the UK's first chief constable to launch an online weblog.

Mr Brunstrom launched his online diary this week on the force's website and announced he also has plans to podcast.

In his first blog, he talks about his views on policing, his first arrest of 2006, his "frustration" at merger talks and cycling with his son.

Mr Brunstrom's blog will be in the form of a frequently-updated online journal.

In his blog launch on Monday, Mr Brunstrom claimed he was "the UK's first blogging chief constable".

He said: "I've no idea whether this will work, or how long I'll keep it going - I suspect that rather depends on you, the readers.

"If it hits the spot then I'll keep it up; if not it'll get ditched like most of my 'good ideas'."

Frustratingly I've been locked in the office for most of the year on the Home Office's abortive police mergers plan
Richard Brunstrom

Mr Brunstrom invites readers to contact him via the force's website, adding: "I look forward to your views; hopefully at least some of them will be repeatable, but who knows? We're going to get into podcasting too."

Mr Brunstrom has courted controversy in recent years with his alleged obsession with catching speeding drivers and his calls to legalise drugs.

But his first ever blog was a less controversial affair, describing how he spent a day with his force's ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) team.

'Death trap'

He also talks about keeping his "hand in" with real police work by getting his first arrest of the year at the Wakestock Festival in Pwllheli.

He wrote: "I got my first arrest of the year (frustratingly I've been locked in the office for most of the year on the Home Office's abortive police mergers plan) - a guy from Anglesey with 20 worth of herbal cannabis in his car."

He ends the blog by describing how he went cycling with his son on Sunday, but was angered by a "death trap" section of the cycle path between Penmaenbach to Conwy.

He wrote: "This is part of the UK's national cycle network and it is a disgrace. I'm going to try to get something done about it - watch this space."

Asked what inspired him to launch the blog, Mr Brunstrom told BBC Wales: "I want to exploit the new potential of the internet which allows me as a senior police officer to communicate my thinking directly to the public."

A North Wales Police spokeswoman said there had already been a "suprisingly excellent response so far" from members of the public.

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