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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 July 2006, 10:13 GMT 11:13 UK
Fed-up driver plans to crush car
Mr Fell-Crook is advertising the crush on his website
A driver plans to crush his car into a cube and deliver it back to the dealer after claiming he has had it repaired 30 times in less than four years.

Mark Fell-Crook, 29, from Prestatyn, Denbighshire, claims he has had problems with his Peugeot 307 since he bought it from a dealer in 2002.

He has set up a website to highlight his frustations and seek sponsorship to crush the car and replace it.

Peugeot said Mr Fell-Crook had rejected several offers of help from the dealer.

Mr Fell-Crook claims he has had a string of disaster since buying the car, which he says has only done 30,000 miles.

He says the problems range from minor faults like dashboard failures to serious malfunctions like the power-assisted brakes not working, and losing all power on a motorway.

If I don't reach the total I need to replace the car, I will donate all money raised to Cancer research in memory of my late mum
Mark Fell-Crook

The IT supervisor says the final straw came when the exhaust fell off.

He now plans to crush the car - after being inspired by a similar event in an episode of The Simpsons - and send the final cube back to his dealer in Mochdre.

He has launched his own website - www.crushmy307.co.uk - and hopes the stunt will raise 13,199 to buy a new car.

The crush is planned for January 2007, and any surplus funds will be donated to Cancer Research.

Mr Fell-Crook said: "My mum died of cancer when I was 17, so it would be nice to try and find a way to help research into what causes it."

"Final straw"

His website says: "I was fed up of being told that it was only my car that had experienced problems when a quick scout around the net proved that lots of owners were having the same problems.

"The final straw came this week after the exhaust dropped off after just 26k miles. According to Peugeot this is normal and they won't discuss it any further."

In a statement, Peugeot said: "When it became clear that Mr Fell-Crook was so unhappy with his vehicle that he wished to exchange it, his dealer made a number of offers to help, including part exchanges at favourable rates.

"However, Mr Fell-Crook has rejected these offers as he feels that he is entitled to a brand new replacement vehicle of identical specification at no cost to himself after almost four years of motoring.

"As far as we are aware there are no issues outstanding with this vehicle."

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