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Last Updated: Friday, 16 June 2006, 11:33 GMT 12:33 UK
Parking charges fight continues
Corwen town centre
Campaigners say there is no alternative parking
The campaign against parking charges in Corwen in Denbighshire are to continue, despite the latest decision, paving the way for their introduction.

Cafe owner Steven Cardwell says the charges will accelerate the death of a town, "which is already dying".

Denbighshire council's scrutiny committee approved the introduction of a 40 pence an hour charge across the county on Thursday.

The matter will be decided by a meeting of the full council at the end of June.

"There's been no compromise, there's no democracy and it's just not right," said Mr Cardwell, whose cafe sits on the A5 in the town.

"I'm not opposed to paying for parking, if there's an alternative," he said,

'No alternative'

"But in Corwen we haven't got an alternative.

"All our buildings are on the A5, so we can't park on the road."

Under the proposals, residents will be given the chance to buy 12-month permits for 65, which will allow them to use the town's three car parks at all times.

But those who cannot afford the charges - or refuse to pay - say the only alternative will be to park at the roadside, where there is no charge between 1800 and 0900 BST.

In March campaigners brought the main road to a standstill during a protest when about 80 cars parked on both sides of the A5 at its narrowest point in the town.

It is thought the new charges will generate an extra 125,000 for council services.

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