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Pheasant attack caught on camera
Postman Steve Dykes and the pheasant (photo courtesy of Daily Post)
Friends for the moment: Steve Dykes and his occasional opponent
A postman has used his mobile phone's video to prove that he came under attack from a wild pheasant.

Steve Dykes became a target for the bad-tempered bird when he began making deliveries in Llechwedd, near Conwy.

A colleague also tried to video the fowl's foul behaviour - but it behaved decently until he was alone.

Mr Dykes, 47, of Mochdre, says the bird has a "Jekyll and Hyde" character. He said: "I thought if I tell anyone, they are just not going to believe me."

The trouble began in April when the pheasant started taking exception to Mr Dykes' deliveries in the rural community.

As he was chatting to a customer, he noticed the unpleasant pheasant giving him the evil eye, but initially dismissed the idea that it would actually carry out an attack.

It became a game for him, but not for me
Postman Steve Dykes

But he was quickly proved wrong. As the walked back to his van, the bird began lunging at him, pecking him on his legs and ankles.

Despite kicking the bird away, the attacks have continued whenever the pair's paths have crossed.

Dog biscuits

Mr Dykes said: "I had loads of holes in my legs where he had been biting me. He had drawn blood.

"At the time I thought he must have thought I was a threat. After then, it became a game for him, but not for me.

Keep dogs indoors when a delivery is due
Keep dogs in another room if you have to open the door to sign for an item
Close off access from back garden in case dogs can get to the front garden
Install a letter cage in case dogs bite through the letter box

"I filmed it because I thought if I tell anyone, they are just not going to believe me. Seeing is believing."

Since then, however, the two seem to have entered into an uneasy truce, after Mr Dykes began bribing the bird with the dog biscuits he keeps handy for the many farmyard dogs on his round.

The bird even allows Mr Dykes to pick him up on occasions, although this is not always the case.

"He is like a Jekyll and Hyde, this one. I don't see him every day now. Other times he will be there all day."

The Royal Mail said most attacks were by dogs, but some involved other animals, and postmen and women were advised to be extremely careful when they visited an address which might be a risk.

A spokesman said that after an incident, the pet owner would be asked to keep their animals under control or risk losing deliveries. In more serious cases, the authorities would be asked to take action.

See Steve Dykes' footage of the pheasant attacking him

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