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DIY date rape drug man detained
GHB can be used as a date rape drug
GHB can be used as a date rape drug
A man who tried to make the date rape drug GHB using an internet recipe has been sentenced to youth detention for 16 months.

David Platt, 20, from Wrexham, admitted trying to make Gammahydroxybutyrate - a class C drug - in his kitchen.

But Mold Crown Court heard he ended up making drain cleaner instead.

The court was told Platt - who never intended to use the drug on women - was lucky to be alive after he and friends drank the poison while they were drunk.

Platt became interested in GHB after watching a television documentary which highlighted the fact DIY recipes were readily available on the internet, the court heard.

He then downloaded a step-by-step guide and tried to make the drug in his kitchen.

Defending Andrew Jebb said: "This defendant had seen a television programme which was seeking to expose how dangerous it is to have this information available on the internet.

"But in exposing the danger, it allowed the defendant to gain the knowledge of where to go and look and find this information.

"He then chose to go and look for the information and downloaded it."

Household bleach

Platt had wanted to create a drug with a similar effect to ecstasy.

But he missed out a vital ingredient - bleach - which meant he ended up producing a form of industrial-strength drain cleaner.

He then nearly killed himself and three friends when they drank the poison.

Platt stopped breathing and was rushed to Wrexham Maelor Hospital after he and a friend drank four glasses each.

What he had produced was....the key components of industrial drain cleaner
Barrister Andrew Jebb

The friend ended up in a coma while his wife, who also drank a glass, temporarily lost the ability to walk. Another man also needed hospital treatment after becoming seriously ill.

The court heard Platt still needed daily medical attention.

Judge Merfyn Hughes QC told him: "Your intention was to make, it seems for yourself, a drug which you expected to produce effects similar to ecstasy.

"The risk though was very serious and the physical consequences are only too apparent from what happened to you and to others.

"It is important that I should recognise that the prosecution accept that you did not attempt to produce a drug with any intention to overcome any other person for any sinister purpose."

Platt admitted trying to unlawfully make GHB in July last year. He was sentenced to 16 months youth detention.

Defending, Andrew Jebb said: "The defendant would have succeeded in what he had intended to make if he had added household bleach,"

"This defendant stopped short of making the full product.

"He has no chemical training and he had no idea that what he had produced was in itself an extremely dangerous product, the key components of industrial drain cleaner."

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