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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 March 2006, 12:14 GMT 13:14 UK
Wrexham FC deal 'within a month'
Fans of Wrexham FC
Wrexham's fans have campaigned to save the troubled club
The businessman leading a consortium to buy Wrexham Football Club is confident the deal can be completed within weeks.

The League Two club must be sold by 3 June - when it will have been in administration for 18 months - or could be expelled from the Football League.

Car dealer Neville Dickens and his associates have signed an "exclusivity" deal with the administrators, which will expire on 30 April.

Mr Dickens said he planned to plough all future profits back into the club.

He told BBC Wales on Thursday: "We're confident we can meet the deadline. We're pretty sure we can get it sorted out by then.

"But there's a lot of work to be done."

He wants to ensure the club's recent problems can "never happen again."

He added: "We're pretty confident we can go forward and put the club on a good, sound financial footing."

The exclusivity deal was announced on Wednesday evening, with administrators claiming the bid was "in the best interests of the club".

Wrexham went into administration at the end of 2004 with debts of more than 4m.

All our efforts are purely to give Wrexham Football Club a future
Neville Dickens

The Football League imposed a 10-point penalty on the club and in May 2005 the Dragons were relegated to League Two - English football's bottom tier.

After a several court cases, London's appeal court ruled earlier this month that the administrators and not former chairman Alex Hamilton should retain ownership of the club's Racecourse Ground.

The ruling paved the way for the sale of the club before the 3 June deadline after which it could be expelled under new league rules for clubs in long term administration.

In a statement on Wednesday announcing the agreement with Mr Dickens' group, administrators David Acland and Steve Williams said: "The agreement allows for exclusivity until 30 April 2006, during which time it is hoped that contracts will be exchanged for acquisition of the club's assets.

The Racecourse Ground. Photo: Ted Blair
The consortium says it will safeguard Racecourse football

"We feel that the Dickens bid is in the best interests of the club and its stakeholders."

Mr Dickens was a club director in the 1980s and one of his garages is on land adjoining the Racecourse stadium.

He made a bid to buy the club in April 2005 - a move welcomed at the time by the Wrexham Supporters' Trust.

Mr Dickens said he wished to retain manger Denis Smith and promised "sufficient financial backing to allow them to compete at the top of their division".

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