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Estate agent raffles off her home
Angela Jones and her sons
Angela Jones is convinced she has pitched her price right
An estate agent believes she can beat the odds and successfully raffle off her 150,000 house.

Angela Jones is confident she can raise the money with tickets at 30 a time for her three-bedroomed detached home in Oakenholt, Flintshire.

Similar raffles have been held in other parts of Britain, but few are thought to have sold enough tickets to meet the reserve price.

But she claims they failed because the ticket prices were wrong.

She put her home on the market in November, but was left disappointed when the sale recently fell through.

She said: "A friend recommended raffling the house, so I looked into it.

"I started the ball rolling and the response has been phenomenal."

She said demand for the tickets was so high she quit her job as an estate agent to cope with the sales.

Angela Jones
Angela Jones describes the response so far as phenomenal
She added: "If I succeed it will be the first time in the country it's been done.

"I'm confident because previous attempts have always pitched the raffle ticket price too high or too low.

"One person was trying to sell 60,000 tickets at 5 a piece - that's too many tickets.

"Others have made the tickets too expensive. But I think 30 is just right."

The tickets are on sale at various outlets, and John Williams, from Town and Country estate agents in Flint, said: "Judging by the response we have had, she will succeed.

"She has pitched the ticket price perfectly."

A spokeswoman for property website rightmove.co.uk said: "We would still recommend people stick to the normal channels for selling their home."

Entrants must answer a multiple-choice question and pay 30 per ticket - 10% of which goes to charity. The draw will be made on 28 April.

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