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Family in lightning escape drama
Lightning strikes above Cockett, Swansea( picture Matthew Stroud)
Lightning hit a house in Swansea earlier this week
A family have spoken of their escape when the roof of their house was struck by lightning and caught fire.

Gareth and Amanda Davies had just returned from a holiday in Spain with their three children when their home in Y Weirglod, Denbigh, was hit.

The roof above a newly-built extension immediately caught fire and neighbours rushed to tell the family to get out.

"If we had been asleep at the time it could all have fallen down on top of us," said Mrs Davies, 44.

Three fire crews from St Asaph, Ruthin and Denbigh were called to fight the blaze which broke out around 1920 BST on Friday.

A power surge went down through the electricity cables burning them in the process and set the attic alight, just above their bed.

It was unbelievable but it could have been so much worse.
Amanda Davies

The family had returned on Friday from a holiday near Barcelona and Mr Davies, 46, was on the phone when they heard an "almighty bang".

"The telly went off, the electric went off and came on again and I wondered what was going on," said Mrs Davies.

"The next thing there were neighbours banging on the doors and windows telling us to get out, the house was on fire."

The family were put up overnight by friends and neighbours and said they could not praise them or the fire crews enough.

Attic space

"It was unbelievable but it could have been so much worse," said Mrs Davies, a cleaner at Denbigh High School.

"We had stuff in the attic and if it had happened when we were all fast asleep it could have fallen down on us. It doesn't bear thinking about."

Ian Williams, county operations manager with North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said Friday's lighting strikes tonight were severe.

"The lightning hit the roof of this house, travelled down into the attic space and arced through the aerial cable which was coiled in the attic.

Mr Williams added; "Fortunately, the lighting hit the extension of the house, which caused fire separation with the remainder of the attic space.

This helped prevent the fire from spreading to the remainder of the roof and next door."

Once the fire was out, crews carried out salvage work to prevent the heavy rain from getting into the building through a large hole caused by the flames.

  • On Wednesday a house in the Blaenymaes area of Swansea was struck by lightning.

    Mid and West Wales Fire Service said the strike caused a small electrical fire and one person suffered from smoke inhalation.


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