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Man jailed for going to the pub
Eddie Jones
Eddie Jones was arrested after bar staff called the police
A judge at Mold Crown Court has jailed a 50-year-old alcoholic man for a year after he breached an anti-social behaviour order by drinking in a pub.

Eddie Jones, who is homeless but formerly lived in New Brighton near Mold, is banned from drinking in any pub in Wrexham town centre.

The court was told how Jones went into Wetherspoons on the day he was released from prison for an earlier Asbo breach.

Judge Janet Case said that at least he would have a bed in prison.

The judge said that she appreciated that Jones felt aggrieved and hard done by, and that his quality of life was probably very poor at the moment.

He did not like being homeless, he did not wish to have anything to do with the probation service, and it left her with no option but to impose a prison sentence.

He sees his right to drink his need to drink as a release from his unpleasant, harsh realities of his existence
Simon Leong, defending

Defending barrister Simon Leong said that his client was homeless and an alcoholic and deserved sympathy.

He said considered the conditions of his Asbo to be entirely unjustified.

"He sees his right to drink his need to drink as a release from his unpleasant, harsh realities of his existence," he explained.

The prosecution described how on the day of his release from prison for an earlier Asbo breach, Jones went into the Wetherspoons pub and drank several pints.

When bar staff realised that he was the subject of an order not to drink in Wrexham town centre, they called the police.

He was unsteady on his feet and was arrested.

Jones was also ordered to serve a further 107 days from his previous sentence which he had been released from on licence.

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