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Rock star diagnosed with cancer
Mike Peters
Mike Peters has spoken about this illness on the band's website
Mike Peters, lead singer of the Welsh rock band The Alarm, has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

The Rhyl musician was told of his illness earlier this month, almost 10 years to the day since his original diagnosis in 1995.

Doctors at Glan Clwyd Hospital, Denbighshire said he was suffering from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL).

He started chemotherapy treatment at the hospital's cancer centre in Bodelwyddan on Friday.

CLL, sometimes referred to as blood cancer is the most common type of leukaemia and mainly affects people over 60. It is rare in people under the age of 40.

I have my wife Jules, and son Dylan beside me and they are reason enough to live for
Mike Peters

Mike Peters, who lives in Denbighshire with his wife Jules and son Dylan, spoke about his diagnosis on The Alarm's website.

"The good news is that although my illness is not curable, it is treatable... it is a disease I will probably die with, rather than of," he said.

"Obviously, this has come as a massive shock to me and my family, especially as it is almost 10 years to the day that I was originally diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.

"Ten years ago, it seems that my own immune system suppressed the cancer and I was able to go into remission for 10 years."

The singer told his doctors he wants to perform at next month's festival - The Gathering in Rhyl. The concert annually attracts hundreds of fans.

Glan Clwyd Hospital sign
The singer will undergo treatment at Glan Clwyd Hospital

However, he warned that he may be bald when he appears on stage as his treatment could cause him to lose his hair.

"The Gathering is going to be extremely special this year and ironically, the new album could not be more aptly titled. 'Under Attack' has taken on new meaning for me, my family and the band," he said.

Peters outlined his illness to fans in a long message on his website. It read: "I want to reassure all of you that I will be fighting this fight with every ounce of energy I can muster. I have my wife Jules, and son Dylan beside me and they are reason enough to live for.

"Be reassured, my outlook for the future is still the same as for any healthy person of my age. The only difference is that now I have to learn how to live with cancer.

"If I respond well to the chemotherapy, I can hopefully put the cancer into remission for another 10 years or even longer."

Last year Peters was honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the Welsh Music Awards. He also came 11th in a Welsh Assembly Government-backed online poll of the top Welsh heroes.

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